The party truly doesn’t start until “The Party Starz” are on the scene. This group has taken their market by storm with multiple hits and spectacular stage presence. Whether it’s their music videos, their reality T.V. show, or their music, fans flock to see “The Party Starz” in action. Needless to say, they are single handedly responsible for the high unemployment rate among promoters in the area. This group consists of two talented musicians, Brian ‘Feeva’ Sturdivant and Jeremy ‘Yung Hollywood’ Bankhead.

Brian ‘Feeva’ Sturdivant was born in the late 80’s on March 21st. Born to a small town in New Haven, Connecticut, Brain was blessed with an abundant lifestyle that allowed him to have access to opportunities during his childhood. In Middle School, Feeva picked up percussion and began to play the drums. Naturally following his interest in playing drums, Feeva is inclined to value music for the instrumentals as opposed to the lyrics. But that by no means indicates that he carries that same philosophy into his own music because he is known for his heavyweight punchlines. While most individuals pursue music for the status or the potential shot at fame, Brian values the creativity and innovation required to produce good music. Perhaps, that is the very cause of his success.

Jeremy ‘Yung Hollywood’ Bankhead was born in the mid 80’s on July 10th. From the town of Murphysboro, Illinois, Yung Hollywood was surrounded by poverty, drugs, and a high dropout rate. Music helped Jeremy transcend those conditions while at the same time empathize with the plight of those born into it. Starting at the very young age of 8, Hollywood performed the song “Regulators” by the late Nate Dogg and warren G for his little sisters birthday party. It was that moment in his life where he fell in love with music and made it his goal to pursue it as a career. He was then signed to THP Records by Unree Westly which ignited the flame to his career. Drawing inspiration from the classic artist such as Tupac and Biggie as well as contemporary artist such as Jay Z and Wiz Khalifa, Yung Hollywood has a unique style that has yet to be matched. Fueled by the love from his fans, Jeremy ‘Yung Hollywood’ Bankhead aspires to own his own label that produces the next generation of music superstars.

While they are from two different places, they walk the same path towards fame and stardom. Brought together by a mutual acquaintance, Feeva and Yung Hollywood were aspiring producer/song writers with a unique style of their own. The combination of their musical taste engendered a whole new style of music, and thus the “Party Starz” were born.  After experiencing a very positive response to their song “Shawty Looks Good in the Dark,” the group caught the attention of the infamous DJ CrisCoke. Cris Coke has since served as a mentor to the group, helping them perfect their craft, book shows, and develop their brand identity as a commodity on the market. With the guidance of DJ Cris Coke, The Party Starz have opened for acts such as DJ Unk and Yung Buck. This group even shared the spotlight with Soulja Boi during the height of his popularity at the Carolina First Center. While hip hop is credited with being “feel good music” the Party Starz refuse to conform to the boundaries that are set by the mainstream media. With the intention of inspiring the youth to pursue their dreams and passions.

The Party Starz represent the idea that to be cool does not equate to endorsing violence and the use of drugs, rather, cool is an expression of the inner beauty that each person possesses.